S6:5 Education as a human right with Dr. Wing Kar Li

Neuroscientist and public school advocate Dr. Wing Kar Li examines the current state of Alberta's public education and explains what we should be paying attention to right now. Wing discusses how current policy is moving Alberta public education backwards & why education should be a top priority when in next year's election.

S6:3 ADHD in women and girls with Shannon Smith

In the second episode of our two-part series, photographer Shannon Smith and I dive into our lives with ADHD. We discuss how ADHD presents as parents, as creatives, as women. How neurodivergent folks tend to mask and the repercussions of masking. Finally we explore the beauty of being neurodivergent, specifically as it relates to our work and lives as creatives. 

S6:2 Breaking toxic parenting cycles with Shannon Smith

Photographer Shannon Smith and I discuss how parenting patterns run deep and stopping toxic cycles is sometimes like looking off a cliff into the abyss. How certain environments can cause us, and our kids, to mask. How Shannon and I both are unlearning relationship patterns and learning how to re-parenting ourselves. How art is going to save our world—seriously it is—and how as artists we live in the grey zone. We're inquisitive, curious, and this is exactly what the world needs more of. 

S6:1 Nurturing our Gender Diverse Kids with Anna Murphy

Political-minded powerhouse for 2SLGBTQIA+ and women’s issues Anna Murphy shares how parents & educators can create spaces our gender diverse kids need. She speaks to what needs to be done for gender diverse kids in Alberta's schools, communities, and beyond. And provides us with next steps to fighting back against global stripping of 2SLGBTQ+ rights. TW//  self-harm, suicide

S5:11 Healing and Music with D’orjay

Country music artist, healer, and author D’orjay speaks to us about healing, music, and her book, SHIT MY SHAMAN SAYS. D'orjay shares her healing journey and how it led to her work as a Shaman and Pranic Healer. Dorjay explains that a shaman is, "Someone who sees light in the darkness."

S5:9 Radical Self-care and Communal Self-care with Dr. Bri Wiens

In this episode, I speak with activist-scholar Dr. Bri Wiens on radical self-care and communal self-care. Bri and I discuss the invisible labour that women are currently expected to do in the academy and in other places of work. Bri shares her research on feminist shadow networks, explaining, "They are quiet when they have to be; they are loud when they have to be."


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