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Dr. Angela Grace discusses how body image is a social justice issue, how consent is far more complex than saying yes or no, and how our current health curriculum has the potential to cause harm, “Once you start treating the body as an object rather than an experience, the significant problems start to happen.”  

Angela and I both worked on the previous curriculum that was discarded in 2019; we share our thoughts on how the current health curriculum falls devastatingly short of what our kids deserve. 

About Angela

Angela holds a Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology with a specialization in the prevention and treatment of eating and body image issues, life stressors and trauma. She specializes in holistic approaches to women’s health and well-being. She was an invited community stakeholder reviewer in 2017 and 2018 on the Draft curriculum and has been a ceaseless advocate for large structural changes to the Wellness curriculum that was implemented this year in Grades K-3. 

She has Fine Arts and Education degrees, and previously worked as an elementary teacher and school counsellor, which gives her an in-depth understanding of girls, families, teachers, and school communities.  Angela’s training in theatre, art, dance, yoga, and play therapy enables her to work in creative ways to enhance girls’ and women’s sense of well-being.

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