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Today’s episode is with Calgary writer, journalist and truth teller Tomi Ajele. Tomi shares with us the importance of slow journalism, creating your own blueprint and treating stories with care. Tomi speaks to the intent of the media collective, Afros In Tha City, saying, “We don’t want to give you a soundbite. We don’t want to give you a quick pitch. We just want to show up and tell our truth.” She also speaks to the creation process, “We don’t even know what failure looks like because we don’t even know what we want to become. It was just us putting our truth out there; it didn’t feel like it needed to look a certain way.” 

This is an episode about truth telling. This is an episode about healing. I deeply enjoyed this conversation with Tomi and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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About Tomi

Tomi Ajele is editor in chief at Afros In Tha City Inc, the only media collective of its kind โ€“ a platform where the breadth of the Black experience could be explored with nuance. She has worked with The Huffington Post, CBC, ByBlacks, Avenue Magazine, Sprawl Calgary, and Shameless Magazine. 

Tomi is a data-driven communicator passionate about anti-oppressive and sustainable policy. She is a strategic planner, writer, podcaster, and speaker who is fuelled by drama and Black joy. She holds a communications degree from Mount Royal University and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Calgary.

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Twitter: @TomiAjele IG: @tomiajele

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