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In today’s episode, I speak with sustainability leader, mother, and activist Nagwan Al-Guneid about her life-long passion for politics and her vision for the future of energy. We discuss the importance of empathy, conversations and coming together in order to create a just energy plan. Nagwan states,  “I believe energy transformation is about having conversations in diverse settings with diverse perspectives. It involves everybody.” 

Nagwan explains how the climate crisis is not gender equal or gender neutral. We speak to the roles that mothers have in fighting climate change. This episode is one of empathy, of change, but most importantly, one of action.

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About Nagwan

For more than a decade, Nagwan Al-Guneid has built a career in the energy industry here in Alberta, in Europe, and the Middle East. She completed an undergraduate degree in communications from the University of Calgary and Master’s of Science in Sustainable Energy Development. Her research focused on addressing climate change through collaboration between the public and private sectors.

Facing another four years of divisive politics, a worsening climate crisis, and a stubborn and single-minded approach to resource development in Alberta, Nagwan couldn’t be a bystander any longer. She is currently seeking the nomination for Alberta’s NDP in Calgary-Glenmore. As a mom of two young kids, running was not an easy decision. But, she made the decision with the conviction that we can do better.Najwan champions causes that are close to her heart. Whether volunteering with women in domestic violence or youth at-risk or refugees and victims of war or helping to prepare more than twenty women to run for politics, she channels her passion into community work that has impacted lives.

Connect with Nagwan

Web: Twitter: @NagwanYYC IG: @nagwanyyc


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