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Today’s episode with Dr. Maki Motapanyane explores the ongoing, unceasing tension that exists for women navigating motherhood and careers. I found this conversation refreshingly validating; Maki doesn’t downplay the challenges mothers in the twenty-first-century face.

I think that Maki says it best with this line from our conversation:

“You can imagine conceiving of yourself as a modern liberated woman in the individualist liberal democracy who has choices and who can do things and who can plan for the kind of life that she wants… until motherhood.”

In today’s episode, we explore the state’s role in supporting women. As well as what needs to be put in place so that women can be successful. We also dive into the motherhood tax and discuss why women face a per-child drop in their wages when they become mothers while men face a wage increase when they become fathers. An important and necessary conversation that I invite you to share.

About Maki

Dr. Maki Motapanyane is a cultural critic, researcher, writer and educator. She teaches in subject areas that include feminist theory, feminism in Africa, global gender studies, Hip-Hop culture, and motherhood. Her research projects and publications examine various feminist traditions in Africa, maternal theory and motherhood, childcare policy and the political economy of care, Hip-Hop culture, stand-up comedy, and equity and inclusion in organizational practice. Dr. Maki Motapanyane was recently awarded the Distinguished Faculty Award from Mount Royal University, the Knowledge Mobilization Award in recognition of outstanding contributions to research and scholarship from Mount Royal University and the Alberta Professional of the Year Award. She is the founder of MESA is a boutique consulting firm delivering strategic training and expert solutions in leadership, communication, and conflict resolution for the modern organization and group. MESA builds skills in areas such as communication and dialogue, conflict management and resolution, constructive and effective team dynamics.

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