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Country music artist, healer, and author D’orjay speaks to us about healing, music, and her book, SHIT MY SHAMAN SAYS. D’orjay shares her healing journey and how it led to her work as a Shaman and Pranic Healer. Dorjay explains that a shaman is, “Someone who sees light in the darkness.”

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • Healing. How it’s not a linear process and how it can take on many shapes and forms.
  • Addressing our Fear. How to address our fear that shows up when we try to change the status quo and when we engage in a creative endeavour. D’orjay takes us step by step through her process of how she addresses fear before a show.
  • Music. How it’s a form of healing.

About D’orjay

Country music artist, healer, and author, D’orjay the Singing Shaman (she/her), believes that a shaman’s learning is never done. She found the healing arts through her own journey of mending from the traumatic abusive and abandoning experiences of childhood. She was introduced to Energy Medicine, Shamanic healing, her Guru and Buddhism as well as Pranic healing in 2010, and has been developing her unique shamanic practice ever since.

Her book, SHIT MY SHAMAN SAYS, VOLUME I, is available through Party Trick Press. It’s a refreshingly down-to-earth approach to energy medicine. In this self-help chapbook, D’orjay leads beginners and experts alike through her relatable, nurturing, and oftentimes downright entertaining approach to healing.

D’orjay’s critically acclaimed debut, New Kind of Outlaw, was released in November 2020. Her style of country music continues to evolve honouring the classic country music she grew up on living in Rural Alberta while also colouring outside the lines of what current mainstream country music has to offer. As a Black Queer woman, D’orjay is passionate, vocal and committed to bringing diversity and inclusiveness to country music.

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