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Photographer Shannon Smith and I discuss how parenting patterns run deep and stopping toxic cycles is sometimes like looking off a cliff into the abyss. How certain environments can cause us, and our kids, to mask. How Shannon and I both are unlearning relationship patterns and learning how to re-parenting ourselves. How art is going to save our world—seriously it is—and how as artists we live in the grey zone. We’re inquisitive, curious, and this is exactly what the world needs more of. 

About Shannon

Shannon Smith (she/they) is a professional photographer and soul liberation coach based out of Calgary, Alberta. They have made it their life’s work to empower and liberate their clients. Shannon believes that all humans deserve to celebrate their unique beauty, feel validated and liberated from societal norms that no longer fit.

As a photographer, Shannon offers spaces for clients to celebrate their bodies in ways they’ve likely never experienced before. Shannon has built an inclusive, safe space for their clients to simply be. As a coach, Shannon provides deeply personal support in a loving environment. Their goal is to lead clients in the journey to discovering their authentic self and soul.

Shannon is deeply passionate about social justice, intersectional feminism, and supporting the LBGTQ2IA+ community.

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