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Today, I speak with proud introvert and gentle disrupter, Shahzia Noorally. Shahzia shares her story of showing up authentically in her career and unapologetically taking up space. Shahzia is the host of the Colour Gap Podcast, which I listen to and love, and speaks to how this has been an outlet to share her experiences and offer unconventional career strategy and advice for women of colour.

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About Shahzia

Shahzia Noorally is a proud introvert, natural observer, and gentle disrupter. She has spent nearly 10 years of her career in HR. She is a Diversity, Inclusion & Culture professional based in Calgary, Alberta, and founder of the Colour Gap podcast.

Shahzia believes our stories are our superpowers. Our unique lived experiences and the things we need to thrive at work shouldn’t be ignored. She also believes that conventional career advice isn’t always right for Black, Indigenous, Women of Colour (BIWOC). Her work on the Colour Gap podcast and beyond is set in the intention to empower, uplift and support BIWOC to own our stories, step into our power, and take up all the space we desire and deserve.

Connect with Shahzia

Twitter: @shahzianoorally 

The Colour Gap Podcast:; Twitter: @ColourGap 

IG: @thecolourgap HR, We Have A Problem: by Susy Ko & Shahzia Noorally | DisruptHR Talks


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