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Today I have the opportunity to speak with an individual that I have been listening to and learning from for a while now, Mifrah Abid. Mifrah is an activist, advocate of racial equity, and the creator, producer and host of Across Her Table Podcast. 

In this episode, Mifrah challenges my beliefs on home and identity. We discuss our thoughts on nationalism and Mirfah explains the concept of jingoism and how it relates to our times now. This is such an important conversation for us to be having; I cannot wait for you to listen to and learn from the stories the Mifrah shares.

🎙Available here or through your favourite podcast provider. Airs Wednesday, March 9.

About Mifrah

Mifrah Abid is the creator, producer and host of Across Her Table which features the remarkable stories of Canadian women with immigrant roots. Mifrah is the Coordinator, of the ‘Together Against Islamophobia’ program at the Coalition of Muslim Women of Kitchner Wterloo. The coalition’s mandate is to empower Muslim women and girls to be leaders and change makers. It provides opportunities for personal and professional growth, and leadership and skills. 

 Mifrah is an advocate of racial equity. She has also been a lecturer of English (Language, Literature and Applied Linguistics) for over 6 years. Mifrah is a TESL Ontario certified ESL trainer. She is a published writer. Her latest story, “Islamophobia 101: How to be a meaningful ally in the wake of a tragedy” was featured in Toronto Star and Waterloo Chronicle.

Connect with Mifrah

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