You are currently viewing S4:10 Advice to our younger selves with Kate Cordell

This episode with educator, mother, and one of my favourite people in the world, Kate Cordell. In this episode Kate and I reflect back on our 20’s when we first met each other and give our younger selves advice. This is a conversation about forgiveness, self compassion, and most of all, laughter and joy.

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About Kate

Kate Cordell is an educator, a mother, a teacher, and a very dear friend of mine. Kate holds a bachelors of science in Elementary education from Minnesota State University, Morehead. And a Masters in education in Curriculum and Instructions, Integration of technologies in schools from George Mason University.

Kate Cordell has worked in education for the past 16 years. Kate has served as a mentor teacher, an advanced academics resource teacher as well as an elementary and middle school classroom teacher in the US and abroad. She has taught in the public school systems in Georgia and Virginia and the international school in Athens Greece.  

Kate is a mom of two, a wife, a lover of traveling, and my go-to person when I need perspective or a good laugh, or good cry. Or all of the above.


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