You are currently viewing S1:5 Redefining Gender Roles with Sara Haney

As the holiday season approaches, Sara Haney and I offer a few tips on how to redistribute the household workload. We offer ideas on how to take things off your plate, and delegate tasks to members of your family. 

We get very real and honest with gender roles in raising a family and running a household. “Parenting is relentless.” Sara admits, “Never before have I felt like I am suffocating like I have this year …” Join us in this authentic and very timely conversation.

Finally, as my gift to you this holiday season, I invite you to download my 5 Journaling Practices to Shift your Mindset. These are my favourite practices to help restore calm and focus when you are feeling overwhelmed.


The information guiding our conversation today is taken from Women in Canada: A Gender-based Statistical Report. Time use: Total work burden, unpaid work, and leisure

About Sara

Sara Haney received her Bachelor of Arts from Ripon College in biology and education. She studied abroad in Brazil with an emphasis on ecology and biodiversity. Sara has taught biology and life science in Oregon, Wisconsin, and Louisiana. She is the owner and founder of Owner Puzzle Permaculture, a company that inspires sustainable actions, and builds resilient communities by supporting caring teachers, students, and parents by providing inspiring curriculum-relevant programs. She currently lives, teaches, and gardens in Calgary with her husband and two children. 

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