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In this episode, I speak with comedian and antiracism coach, Adora Nwofor on the importance of healing and joy. “If your community is doing well, you are going to do better.” Adora goes on to say that, “I want the whole world to thrive.” 

Adora shares her journey with Black Lives Matter Calgary. She notes the work of Black women, saying, “These movements start at home. At tables, and in living rooms… on the phone…” Adora explains anti-racism work, “We deserve our whole lives. And we are not getting it right now.”  


The economist that Adora references is Dana Peterson, whose article is featured here

In this episode, Lisa reads the demands for defunding the police on Black Lives Matter Canada:

You can reach Adora through Black Lives Matter YYC: or on Instagram: @statuesse

About Adora

Adora Nwofor is a  Calgary based Comedian, Model, Actor, Makeup artist and wardrobe stylist. She’s a keynote speaker and antiracism coach. She has acted as board director for both the Nigerian Association, youth division and Femme Wave: Calgary’s Feminist Music and Arts Festival. She is also a founding organizer and grand marshal of the global initiative March for Women (Western Canada). She is at the forefront of Calgary’s Black Lives Matter. Adora has MC’d events for the City of Calgary, Canada Heritage and Alberta Culture Days, and has also been a speaker at Mount Royal’s Diversity Leadership Conference, University of Calgary’s Diversity days and was the Western Canada keynote for the Canadian Universities Advocacy bodies. She is currently the host of Living a Creative Life, a salute to the thousands of Calgarians who are living creative lives. Adora is a mom to two teenagers. 

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