You are currently viewing S1:3 How Identity Shapes Our Work, Parenting, & Wellness with Iriel Jaroslavsky​

In this episode, I speak with educator, wife, and aunt, Iriel Jaroslavsky about the importance of reflecting on our identity. Iriel shares with us her fascinating experiences growing up in Argentina, attending school in the United States, and entering the workforce in Canada.  

Iriel speaks of how wellness looks different depending on her place in life. Sometimes it looks like going to the gym. But Iriel tells us that “sometimes it looks like I am just going to sit and stare at a wall so I can just tune out the noise.” She goes on to explain: “wellness, especially in our reality, in 2020… it has become apparent that we need to slow down… to just be… to grow into a better person.” 

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In this episode, Iriel and I discuss the work of Dr. Bettina Love, Professor of Education at the University of Georgia. I cite her book: “We Want to do More Than Survive,” and speak of the Abolitionist Teaching Network where Dr. Love is a board member. 


Iriel Jaroslavsky is a National Geographic Certified Educator, Google Certified Educator, and teacher in a Spanish Bilingual School in Calgary. She received her Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts at St. Mary’s University. Iriel’s area of interest in education is the effect of trauma in children and how it shows up in educational settings.