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Poet, acquisitions editor, and award winning professor, Micheline Maylor examines the craft of being a lifelong artist. Micheline discusses the importance of paying attention to what we are feeling, cross pollination of ideas, and breaking patterns. We also discuss being brave in your writing. Micheline says, “Bravery in writing is the thing that will take you far.”

Micheline and I dive into her latest work, The Bad Wife, a brave, first-hand account of how to ruin a marriage. To those wanting to spark your creativity, this is the conversation for you.

About Micheline Maylor:

Poet, Acquisitions editor, Co-founder of the Freefall Literary Society, and award winning professor, Micheline Maylor is the author of five books of poetry – The Raymond Knister Poems, Whirr and Click, Little Wildheart, Drifting Like a Metaphor, and The Bad Wife. In 2016 Micheline was appointed as Calgary’s first female poet laureate for a two year term.

Micheline is the acquisitions editor for Frontenac House Press and is the co-founder of the non-profit Freefall Literary Society where she was the editor in chief from 2006 to the present. She currently edits the Quartet poetry series for which the authors have been shortlisted or have won numerous awards including, The Goldie Award for best Lesbian poetry book in North America; The Gerald Lampert Award for best first book; The Pat Lowther Award for best book by a Canadian woman.

Micheline was the editor of the award winning This Wound is a World by Billy-Ray Belcourt, which won the 2018 Griffin Poetry Prize, and the Most Significant Book of Poetry in English by an Emerging Indigenous Writer, and the Indigenous Voices Awards (2018). Micheline is a decorated professor specialising in creative writing and contemporary Canadian literature who has inspired countless students to write through the years.
Micheline Maylor’s newest collection, The Bad Wife, is an intimate, first-hand account of how to ruin a marriage. This is a story of divorce, love, and what should have been, told in a brave and unflinching voice.

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