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In the first episode of our two-part series, journalist, photographer, and AI researcher Leslie Salgado and I dive deep into the world of emotions. Leslie shares the importance of releasing our emotions and trusting what our emotions tell us. Leslie speaks to her solo exhibit, Emotions Allowed, and explains how the inspiration came while observing people around her during her morning commute.

About Leslie Salgado:

Journalist, photographer, and AI researcher Leslie Salgado is a Doctoral Student at the University of Calgary. Her current area of research includes Human-Centred AI, intersections between communication and AI ethical values, Online Trust and Safety, and Technology and Democracy. She is a former Public Communication Officer for UNESCO as well as a Broadcast Journalist for Canal Habana. Leslie worked as Professor at the Faculty of Communication at the University of Havana. Her recent solo photography exhibition entitled, Emotions Allowed, explores the range of human emotions.

Connect with Leslie:

IG: @lesliebayamesa

Linkedin: Leslie Salgado Arzuaga