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Calgary’s Poet Laureate, Wakefield Brewster explains the intersection of art and healing. Wakefield and I discuss unlearning, why communication is essential, and how art has the potential to soften the blow of heavy messages. Wakefield speaks about getting our thoughts out on paper—even the darker ones. Finally, Wakefield shares his early experience as a classically trained musician and how that shaped his future with poetry.

About Wakefield Brewster:

Wakefield Brewster is one of Canada’s most popular and prolific Performance Poets. He is the Current Poet Laureate of Calgary, and 3-Time Calgary Poetry Slam Champion & Team Captain. He was the Inaugural Poet Of Honour at the People’s Poetry Festival, and was appointed as the First Resident Poet & Spoken Word Artist of The Grand Theatre in Calgary, Alberta. Wakefield sits on the Board of Directors of the E.A.R. Society —Emergency Artist’s Relief — which provides emergency relief funding and affordable Health Care for Artists.

As the founder of Page2Stage Productions, Wakefield has been bringing Poetry to students for over 21 years by building communities and engaging in volunteering, leadership and mentorship for youth, through the arts. He is also an advocate for Healing Arts & Alternative Medicine; Mental Wellness & Recovery. He holds a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and is the Lead Therapist, owner and operator of WakeFull Wellness Massage Therapy and HealingSpace.

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IG: @wakefield_brewster

FB: @Wakefield Brewster aka da lyrical pitbull

Twitter: @lyricalpitbull