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In this episode with Albert Leader Rajah Maggay, we explore the link between mental health, wellbeing, and leadership. Rajah uncovers how our current lack of parity in politics is affecting women’s everyday lives. She explains the unique perspective on safety, mobility, and community that women in political spaces offer.

Rajah explains that our current political system was created for men by men and gives us very concrete ideas as to what we need to do as women to support women currently running for office. She also provides insight into the political system and current issues that women need to be raising with our elected officials. 

About Rajah Maggay

Rajah Maggay is a Research and Policy Advisor for the City of Edmonton. She is the co-founder of political DIVAS, A peer support group for racialized women in politics as well as the Vice-Chair of Research Parity YEG, an Edmonton-based multi-partisan nonprofit working towards gender parity in politics and public office. Rajah is the Co-Chair of Searching for Izena, A grassroots project to commemorate the centennial of the first woman being elected to Edmonton City Council.  

For the past five years, she has volunteered on the Health and Wellness Committee for the City of Edmonton Youth Council. She’s assisted with multiple mental health initiatives and research in community-based solutions to youth issues. 

Rajah is a Second Generation Filipino-Canadian, raised by a network of strong women She and her family have lived in Edmonton for over 20 years. 

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