You are currently viewing S3:2 Resilience with Dr. Gabrielle Lindstrom

In this conversation with Alberta Leader, Dr. Gabrielle Lindstrom, we talk about resilience. We look at the differences between Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspectives of resilience. Gabrielle explains concepts of walking with integrity and creating ethical spaces. And how much of this has to do with our relationship with ourselves. This is a beautiful and timely conversation for those of us who might be feeling weary or disconnected.

About Dr. Gabrielle Lindstrom

Dr. Gabrielle Lindstrom (née Weasel Head) is a member of the Blackfoot Confederacy. Her teaching background includes instructing in topics around First Nation, Métis and Inuit history and current issues, Indigenous Studies (Canadian and International perspectives), Indigenous cross-cultural approaches, and Indigenous research methods and ethics. 

Her dissertation research focused on the interplay between trauma and resilience in the postsecondary experiences of Indigenous adult learners. Other research interests include meaningful assessment in higher education, Indigenous homelessness, intercultural parallels in teaching and learning research, Indigenous lived experience of resilience, Indigenous community-based research, parenting assessment tools reform in child welfare, anti-colonial theory and anti-racist pedagogy.


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