You are currently viewing S2:4 Weight Neutral Wellness with Elizabeth Tingle

In this episode, Elizabeth Tingle explores the topics of body image, diet culture, and weight-neutral wellness. She explains what it means to be weight neutral, and why that might be a good thing as you prioritize your wellness.

“We can focus on behaviours to improve our health, but focusing so much on weight is just unhealthy in a very fundamental way.” Elizabeth goes on to explain, “When we focus on the multiple dimensions of health: mental, emotional, spiritual, social, we are far more likely to feel better about ourselves than simply focusing on weight loss.”

About Elizabeth Tingle

Elizabeth Tingle is an instructor at the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary. She teaches Comprehensive School Health and Wellness to pre service teachers. She recently obtained a Master’s in Educational Research at the University of Calgary studying how weight bias can be unlearned, and the importance of challenging the dominant messages surrounding weight in our culture. 

As a former school teacher and mother to three school-aged children, she is particularly passionate about making schools more weight-neutral spaces. 

She received a scholarship to attend a Body Positive Facilitator Training in Boston (2018) and is now a licensed Body Positive facilitator. 

Weight Neutral Resources

Anti-Diet by Christy Harrison 

Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch

Beauty Redefined, by Lindsay & Lexie Kite, PhD

Eating Competence by Ellyn Satter

More-Love, A great resource for parents

Food Psych by Christy Harrison 

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