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Launch Date: Wednesday, January 20

In this episode, Raquila-D’Nai Smith explains how to live a life that is authentic and teaches our kids authenticity. We discuss how to start the year cultivating communication, connection, and peace within. 

About Raquila-D’Nai Smith

Raquila-D’Nai Smith is a wife, mother, homeschooler, and speaker. She has three degrees in psychology and counselling and is a certified life coach. Raquila-D’Nai is on a mission to encourage and inspire while helping people with vision masterfully use words to reach their target audience. She enjoys making people laugh as they gain insights and tips.  Her goal is to use her expertise and sharing her experiences, to serve, to uplift, and motivate others. 

She is also the creator of the Podcast, Mommy Couch Confessions – a Podcast where Mom’s come together, just as we are, to have honest conversations about all things motherhood and life. 

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Mommy Couch Confessions Podcast:

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