You are currently viewing S1:1 Creating a Wellness Oasis with MK Sagaria-Barritt

Now more than ever, working moms need a safe, inclusive space that we can momentarily step away from the heaviness of the world and regroup. In this Episode, I speak with wife, mom, and one of my all time favourite people, MK Sagaria-Barrit on how to create that space within your family and community. 

MK shares her thoughts such as, “Small doses matter more than big attempts at being well”, as well as the challenges of raising a daughter, growing up as a woman in a male-dominated world. Finally, she shares some insights into her wellness journey saying, “I really came to see wellness as centred in me.” 

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In this episode, MK and I talk about getting your spouse and children on board with your wellness. The book I mention is Jessica Lahey’s The Gift of Failure.


MK Sagaria-Barritt is the Senior Manager of Colorado Regions, and oversees the holistic operations of CareerWise Colorado outside of the Denver Metro Area. She collaborates with Chambers of Commerce, School Districts, and the Business Community to ensure success of youth apprenticeship across Colorado. MK has been working within education non-profits for the last 11 years; most recently as the National Program Manager for Youth Empowerment Programs with Operation HOPE, an organization dedicated to financial empowerment. As a Fulbright Student Scholar in Finland, she went on to earn her Master’s degree in International Development at the University of Helsinki, with a focus on immigration, asylum seekers, and refugees. In her free time, MK enjoys practicing and teaching yoga, cooking and spending time outdoors with her wife and daughter.