Stories Within Us

with Lisa Bush

Conversations with writers, poets, educators, activists, artists, and researchers whose work is questioning, disrupting, or altogether transforming how we view ourselves and each other.

Stories Within Us explores how our lived experiences—and the process of sharing those stories— has the power to connect, heal, and change.

Welcome to Season 6

S6:3 ADHD in women and girls with Shannon Smith

In the second episode of our two-part series, photographer Shannon Smith and I dive into our lives with ADHD. We discuss how ADHD presents as parents, as creatives, as women. How neurodivergent folks tend to mask and the repercussions of masking. Finally we explore the beauty of being neurodivergent, specifically as it relates to our work and lives as creatives. 

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S6:4 Body image, health, and consent with Dr. Angela Grace

Dr. Angela Grace discusses how body image is a social justice issue, how consent is far more complex than saying yes or no, and how our current health curriculum has the potential to cause harm, “Once you start treating the body as an object rather than an experience, the significant problems start to happen.”  

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S4:3 Reclaiming Motherhood with Latasha Calf Robe

In this episode, I speak with mother, activist and founder of  Niitsítapi Water Protectors, Latasha Calf Robe. Latasha shares her story as to what it means to be a Blackfoot mother and woman. We examine how motherhood can be fierce. Motherhood can be empowering. Motherhood can be a push for activism.  Latasha also shares with us her work behind the Niitsítapi Water Protectors and provides guidance for mothers who want to see positive change in

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S4:2 Our Children’s Mental Health with Lana Bentley

In this episode, Lana Bentley and I dive deep into the mental health challenges that our kids are facing. We look at gender roles and how they play into mental health, as well as gender identity and how that is changing within the realm of mental health. Lana has an extensive depth of knowledge in mental health, gender roles, and how to best meet the needs of the most vulnerable members of our populations.  Finally,

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S4:1 Our Mental Health Stories with Karen Turnock MSW, RSW

In our first episode of Season 4, I speak with Counselor and Registered Social Worker, Karen Turnock. Karen provides strategies on how we can pause, acknowledge, and embrace our own mental health—whatever state it may be—as we head back into this school year. Part discussion, part interview, part therapy session, Karen provides an open and safe space for us to dive deep into the mental health challenges working moms have faced over that past year

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S3:7 We need to be paying attention with Shamair Turner

In our final episode of the Alberta Leaders Series, I have the opportunity to speak with Alberta Leader, Shamair Turner. In this episode, Shamair shares with us her personal journey last spring when she felt the calling to enter politics. Shamair shares with us her thoughts on activism, “You can exist as an activist in many ways … In the communities that I exist in and in the spaces that I’m in, I’m always a

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S3:6 Be angry. Be sad. But don’t be silent. with Janis Irwin

Today’s episode is with Alberta Leader, MLA Janis Irwin. In this episode, Janis shares her thoughts on advocacy and how it’s essential that we continue to speak up for all individuals in our community. She shares with us her thoughts on leadership, advocacy, and how leadership is interconnected with all those around us.  About Janis Irwin Janis Irwin is MLA for Edmonton-Highlands-Northwood. She is currently the Official Opposition Deputy Whip and the Critic for Women

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S3:5 Respect, power, and dignity with Rajah Maggay

In this episode with Albert Leader Rajah Maggay, we explore the link between mental health, wellbeing, and leadership. Rajah uncovers how our current lack of parity in politics is affecting women’s everyday lives. She explains the unique perspective on safety, mobility, and community that women in political spaces offer. Rajah explains that our current political system was created for men by men and gives us very concrete ideas as to what we need to do

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S3:4 Stories we live by with Dr. Muna Saleh

Today’s episode is with Alberta Leader, Dr. Muna Saleh. In this conversation, I speak with Muna about our stories as mothers, women, and educators. You will learn about the danger of the single story and how—as individuals—we might try to categorize ourselves and others into one box. Dr. Saleh shares with us how she intentionally disrupts this single-story narrative, whether it’s through her research, her interaction with her students, or using humour on her Twitter

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S3:3 Balance with Jyoti Gondek

In this conversation with Alberta Leader and mayoral candidate for the city of Calgary—Jyoti Gondek—we look behind-the-scenes at municipal elections and why municipal elections matter to our day-to-day lives as women.  Jyoti provides examples as to how the current campaign system and the current fundraising process are barriers to women running and winning. She also shares how we—as working moms—can change it.  We are going to look at Jyoti’s innovatie perspective on balance and lack

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S3:2 Resilience with Dr. Gabrielle Lindstrom

In this conversation with Alberta Leader, Dr. Gabrielle Lindstrom, we talk about resilience. We look at the differences between Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspectives of resilience. Gabrielle explains concepts of walking with integrity and creating ethical spaces. And how much of this has to do with our relationship with ourselves. This is a beautiful and timely conversation for those of us who might be feeling weary or disconnected. About Dr. Gabrielle Lindstrom Dr. Gabrielle Lindstrom (née

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